When I Become a WaveWhat happens after we die? "When I Become a Wave" provides answers to this question based on the best evidence we have. It is a book that will surprise and challenge you. It's for people of all faiths and no faith. If you've ever asked yourself, "What the hell are we doing here?" or "Why are certain people in my life?" or "Is reincarnation for real?" or "Is our existence a simulation?" - you need to read this book. It will also give you the keys to understanding our existence on Earth, which could make you a much happier person. One reader called it a "Can opener for the mind!" One reviewer said, "Amazing proof collated for life after death: If you want to know about life after death without all the in-depth scientific jargon, then this book is for you. An amazing book!" - A. Shepard, Amazon UK



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Here is a list of chapters:


Life After Death
Inconvenient Facts
Worlds Within Worlds
Thanks for the Memories – But Where Are They?
Expanded Consciousness
Shared Consciousness
Remembering the Future
Is Our Existence a Simulation?
Lives Within Lives
  A Humane God?
  An Animal Afterlife
  For the Skeptical