The Magic Moon - A Children's Story

From readers...

"Just an enchanting read! Once I started, I couldn't put it down."
"It's soooo good it should be a movie too!"
"The illustrations are fabulous!"
"Not just for kids. Adults will enjoy it as much! Hilarious in parts. I had a few belly laughs along the way!"
"Stories don't get any more creative or imaginative than this!"

Written many, many years ago, this treasure has finally been unearthed. The book is about a magical journey which starts when Megan and Kevin meet the sly Mr. Cog - a combination cat and dog - who takes them behind the moon. There they discover the wicked Money People who want Megan to stop the moon from turning. Who are these Money People and how did they get behind the moon? Who is Mr. Cog and his other animal friends? Those answers and much more unfold in an enchanting story which reveals universal themes about money, greed, spirituality, animals and treating others as you would have them treat you. It's a mystery with a message!

Recommended ages: 5 - 12
68 pages. Full color illustrations.
Read an excerpt from the book by clicking here.

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