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"May 31, 2010: 3 weeks ago I had a tumor removed from the left side of my face, and two from my neck, and the surgeon also took the lymph system from my neck and the SCM muscle and the superficial parotid (salivary gland).
"Two weeks ago, following ultrasound scans that revealed small tumors on my liver, the oncologist told me that there is nothing that modern medical science can do to significantly alter the survival probability curve.
"After that, I adopted the Rave Diet.
"January 18, 2011: Yesterday I went for an appointment with the surgeon who had operated on my temple, neck and jaw. He could find no further trace of cancer. Thank you. Without your efforts and research I would most likely have been dead by now. Instead, I am now looking forward to a long life with vastly increased confidence over 8 months ago. The research you did in Healing Cancer From Inside Out book and DVD is what made the difference for me. It allowed the rational part of my mind to align with the intuitive and have me stick to it. The support of my wife Ailsa has also been a major part of my success." - Ted Howard
October 12, 2012: "Just letting you know I am alive and well, with no sign of cancer, now 2 years and 5 months after being told that there was nothing known that could alter my probability of death - given as a 50% chance of living 5 months and a 2% chance of making 2 years. Must be getting close to the 1% mark by now. I am still following the diet." - Ted Howard  

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